Link Keyboard-shortkeys F1: Hides player names above cars. F4: Shows player names above cars. F9: Hides the HUD (only in spectator mode). F10: Shows car information (only in spectator mode). F11: Shows racing information (only in spectator mode). F12: Shows player information (only in spectator mode). 1-9: Changes selected car from 1 to 10 (0 is position 10). Q-P: Changes selected car from 11 to 20. G: Variable Camera type. H: Standard Camera type. J: Bumper view. K: Hood/roof view. L: Chase camera view. Arrow Key down: Rear view (only in spectator mode). Z: Sets a replay marker. (Replay ends at the point where the live race has gotten to, when you press X, C or V.) X: Starts a replay 8 seconds before you pressed Z. C: Starts a replay 13 seconds before you pressed Z. V: Starts a replay 18 seconds before you pressed Z.